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December 19, 2012

WECO Canada participated at ELECTRONICA

WECO Canada’s delegates were Bernard Pinet (GM), Alex Cristescu ( R&D Mgr) and Carlos Sanchez (WECO Mexico). They supported the exhibition of the sister company, WECO Germany.

Its result was 72,000 visitors from 78 countries. A total of 2,669 exhibitors!

Two objectives were related to the visit:
1 – To promote WECO Canada’s newest NPI (new product introduction) LED bridge, conceived to ease the interconnection between adjacent PCB to PCB within LED panels made of PCB chains. (see figure).


By consulting the various participants we have discovered a definitive interest in our LED bridge design. We have presented more than a simple “bridge commodity”, combining install-ability on-panel alternatives.  For instance we proposed a slide-in extrusion to make installation and removability of PCB modules very easy.


Definitely there is a sign of interest that encourages us to start determined marketing and sales activities in the LED panel lighting area by early 2013.


2 – Some additional support was given to the WECO Group booth with relation to SMarTconn product family. WECO Canada has produced the animations explaining the way our SMT brand works in a re-flow pick and place environment.


WECO’s SMarTconn brand still has an important potential in the controls/automation or HVAC market.

We found new application opportunities for our SMarTconn product line. Suppliers that were brought up to our attention were in the area of precision stamping and mass product assembly of low value commodities.


On the other hand we discovered some trends in the interconnect domain allowing us to figure in what direction the development of connectors goes. For instance the screw-less connectors are in demand but rather as “SMT” low profile version as the LED industry imposes it. The “old” cage clamp connecting mechanism is slowly but surely replaced by the emerging “push-in” technology. SMT solutions are still needed. Connectors with embedded electronic functionality do not exist and we at WECO have some ideas to bring in this sense…

Briefly, a very “technologically inspiring” trade show, good business contacts were made and a focused “booth service” was given. We will be back in 2014! 


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