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LED Panel Bridging

WECO’s new MilliLED™ series offers unparalleled bridging capabilities between LED panels. Incorporating industry-leading bridging capacity and patented SMARTCONN® surface mount technology (SMT) connectors, the MilliLED™ series was specifically engineered to overcome the real-world challenges of advanced LED applications and drive-down costs throughout the project life-cycle.

Municipal infrastructure, office buildings and public facilities require an LED lighting solution that provides reliable, premium quality light while reducing power consumption.  Whether retrofitting existing facilities or designing new lighting projects from scratch, illuminating these often large-scale environments demands a cost-effective solution that reduces total cost-of-ownership and simplifies on-going maintenance and operations.


Whether you are designing LED lighting solutions for new projects or looking to retrofit existing fluorescent/neon tube installations, the MilliLED™ series contains a range of customizable solutions that let you take advantage of the full environmental and cost-efficiencies of LED panel lighting.
WECO’s LED Bridge 930-LC-111 is a low profile, 3.5mm pitch, 2 or 3 pole connector that seamlessly interconnects LED panels in a chain or matrix format with the industry’s highest current carrying capacity.

You can Download our BROCHURE here.

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