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Power Supply

WECO's connectors provide high-quality, innovative products for a wide range of consumer and industrial applications.

WECO’s panel and chassis mounted series are the ideal solution for connecting electrical control panels to external power sources, signal sources, other electrical panels and electrical loads of many types and sizes. Our products meet the rigid requirements specified by the power supply industry. They are designed to regulate the voltage to an adequate amount, which allows power supply solutions to run smoothly without overheating and EMI/RFI interference - critical components to any power supply solution. In addition, the screw tightened connections result in high contact forces thus promoting safe wire secureness and retention, low electrical resistance and safe reusable connections.

These products are specifically designed to meet the rigours of transportation and installation of power supply equipment. The wire retention screws are captive in their towers and therefore can be installed and connected easily, quickly, and without error. Wire protectors are available to protect small gauge stranded wires from screw damage. These terminal strips can be completely enclosed within the enclosures or be placed at an enclosure opening with one side accessible for external cabling and the other for internal wiring. They can be specially marked to your specifications for easy wiring and troubleshooting. Our products are proven for a variety of power supply equipments, for Traffic, Security, Parking and Medical applications, and will ensure that your systems will continue to operate during the most critical situations.
Ensure the safety of passengers with continuous operation of traffic lights with our range of rugged, outdoor panel and chassis mounted series.

Ensure the protection of valuable assets with continuous generation of high quality images with our range of panel and chassis mounted series that withstand harsh temperature and environmental factors as well as EMI/RFI interference. Ensure high quality diagnostics to patients via our range of connectors that meet resolution requirements as well as today’s requirements for smaller, lighter components to accommodate the demands for portable diagnostic devices.
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