SECTION C - Series 300-S
Terminal Strips for Panel / Chassis Mounting The 2-part plug and socket terminal strips of the 300-S series were designed to provide quick and easy connections and disconnections to facilitate servicing and testing or to provide a solution to space restrictions. A wide variety of current ratings, voltages and wire sizes can be accommodated center-to-center spacing vary from 8 mm (0.315 in.) to 11.5 mm (0.45 in.)

The shrouded molding design greatly reduces the danger of accidental contact with the current-carrying parts this "finger-safe" design meets the electrical and safety requirements of the German VDE Testing Authority. It allows the manufacturer to sell his products, which incorporate electrical connections, to all marketing areas.

Both -DS and -HDS Wire Protectors are offered to prevent damage to stranded wiring by the clamping screw the HDS versions provide excellent resistance to vibration. Screws are captive and will not be lost during handling and transportation.

The flexible polyamide molding can be fitted to uneven surfaces and a mounting hole is provided between each position. These terminal strips are manufactured in 12 position versions and can be easily cut using common hand tools or ordered to the desired number of poles.

Each product has a "How To Order" area as well as a complete listing of UL and CSA approval specifications, available options and accessories.