SECTION A - Series 96 and Series 97
Terminal Blocks for Printed Circuit Boards Series 96 (inch spacing) and 97 (metric spacing) blocks have a higher profile than the Series 94 and 95 and provide larger clearance and creepage distances. This often provides a better current rating. The horizontal wire entry blocks have a raised base to allow the flow of flux and solvents during the soldering and cleaning phases of the soldering process.

These strips are available in solid 2-32 positions and can also be ordered in the dovetail version (-T) with 2 and 3 poles per block the dovetail system allows them to be assembled together in the needed combination to provide the designer with the needed number of positions while maintaining center-to-center pin-spacing. The dovetail system greatly reduces inventory needs and speeds up delivery. This series is provided with captive screws.

For the 9 to 32 pole version, molding are fiberglass-filled polyamide to provide longitudinal rigidity while maintaining the UL 94 V-0 rating this also allows higher process temperature limits.

These two series provide many versions and features that make them an excellent choice to overcome many design challenges and requirements.

Each product has a "How To Order" area as well as a complete listing of UL and CSA approval specifications, available options and accessories.