SECTION A - Series 115-F
Terminal Blocks for Printed Circuit Boards 115-F series are plug terminal blocks. Wire clamping is obtained by elevating the terminal body while tightening the screw. It's developed as an alternative to type 950-NLFL-DS and 950-FL-DS. The low-profile enables use in flat housings.

Three different types within the series 115-F offer numerous applications: The 115-F-111 can be mounted on a pin strip. The 115-F-211 has a footprint which is mounted to a slot in the base plate by means of a locking foot. The 115-F-118 has ribs on each side, which work together with snap-in locking devices of the housing, where it has to be fixed. Usually the last two mentioned parts are connected with plug-in pins from above. They can be plugged with the terminal pinstrips from the 971-SL, and 950-SL series.

Types 115-F-xxx/xx can be plugged with pin diameter 1.3 mm only. The plastic housing has a grey color.

Types 115-F-xxx/xx-1.1-BA can be plugged with pin diameter 1.1 mm only. The plastic housing has a black color. This type has a different contact spring. The other parts are the same.