SECTION C - Series 300
Terminal Strips for Panel / Chassis Mounting Series 300 terminal strips are designed to provide a secure wire clamping termination that meets all applicable European standards. The use of a shrouded molding design as well as captive screws are part of a "finger-safe" Euro-style design. As manufacturers globalize their product lines, they are simplifying their inventory by making products that use termination systems that are acceptable everywhere.

The strips are available with stainless steel spring-type wire protectors (HDS designation) to prevent wiring damage by the clamping screws we recommend the use of the wire protector option especially for stranded wiring. The HDS option provides high resistance to vibrations. The 300 series provides long lasting, vibration-resistant terminations for current loads of up to 85A.

Some of the series carry an N designation indicating they have a lower profile when space is a concern. The FU designation provides a raised base that facilitates wire insertion under cramped conditions.

The relatively flexible polyamide molding can be mounted on uneven surfaces the North American style barrier strips are usually made of a more rigid and brittle thermoset material.

Each product has a "How To Order" area as well as a complete listing of UL and CSA approval specifications, available options and accessories.