SECTION A - Series 93-FL and Series 95-FL
Terminal Blocks for Printed Circuit Boards These two-part plug and pinstrip combinations provide a small footprint, and low-profile design when ease of service, manufacturing and testing are needed. The two parts are secured with a specially designed contact spring, which ensures proper electrical contact and resistance to vibration. The two-piece design reduces maintenance and servicing costs in the field it saves time and reduces the problem of inserting replacement wires under less than ideal field conditions.

Types 930-FL, 930-HSL and 931-HFL with 3.5 mm (0.138 in.) spacing and the type 950-FL-DS with 5.0 mm (0.197 in.) spacing were designed to meet industry standards.

The 950-TFL-DS type was designed as a dovetail block with 2, 3 and 8 poles per block the dovetail system provides the flexibility to assemble the designer with the needed number of positions while maintaining center-to-center spacing. The dovetail system greatly reduces inventory and speeds up delivery.

A variety of pinstrips can mate securely with the plugs to provide an effective and rapid connection system. The 3.5 mm 931-SLS is available with different pin lengths. The pins are inserted in pinstrips made of fiberglass-filled polybutylene terephthalate (PBTP) to provide better heat resistance during the wave soldering process.

The plug fits flush with the circuit board surface and provides a visual indication that the parts have been properly mated. Pinstrip pins are available in different lengths these longer pin lengths allow two blocks to be connected on a common pin, one on top of the other.

Each product has a "How To Order" area as well as a complete listing of UL and CSA approval specifications, available options and accessories.