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Module Housings

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  • Series M-512 is a complete system of module housings to fit a large variety of PC board sizes. Many accessories are available to satisfy special design requirements.

    Side sections and Intermediate sections

    The PC board width must be 4 mm (0.16 in.) less than the width of the module housing. Sections are available in four widths:

    Width 01: 76 mm (3.00 in.)

    Width 02: 90 mm (3.55 in.)

    Width 03: 104 mm (4.10 in.)

    Width 04: 118 mm (4.65 in.)

    The PC board length must be 3 mm (0.12 in.) less than the length of the module housing. The smallest possible PC board length is 20 mm (0.79 in.), which requires only one mounting foot, regardless of width. All other lengths require a minimum of two mounting feet per module; the weight of the PC board with all installed components will dictate the need for additional mounting feet. A formula to calculate PC board length is:

    PC board length = Total module length minus 3 mm (0.12 in.)

    Mounting Feet

    The mounting feet slide into the housing of the module elements and can be snapped onto all mounting rails (DIN EN 50022, 50035, and 50045). All individual elements interlock and provide a mechanical integrity, which can withstand high vibrational stress.
Technical Data
H35 :  0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in)
G32 :  0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in)
H15 :  0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in)
D35 :  0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in) 0.00 mm (0 in)

Width : 0.00 mm (0 in)

Bill of Materials

Temperature limits :

Short Time : 140°C (284°F)
Continuous : 80°C (176 °F)
Low Limit : -40°C (-40°F)



The M-512 and its sister M-513 module housing are ideal for mounting one or more printed circuit boards (PCB) loaded with small and large active and passive components. Transformers, capacitors, coils, chokes, relays, contactors, rectifiers, resistors, semiconductors, diodes, component plugs and integrated circuits can be contained in one rail mounted unit with interconnection devices at convenient PCB locations. The interconnection devices can be WECO PCB mounted single or multi-level screw tightened terminal blocks, depluggable headers, pin strips and plugs. D-subs and any other connection devices are available. The components can all be covered for protection leaving the interconnection devices outside to allow easy access. During the design phase of the PCB choose a 72 mm (2.84 in.) width PCB that fits into this module housing as per the drawings. Also allow room on the PCB for any covers that may restrict the use of the PCB surface or restrict the overhead clearance above the PCB. The M-512 housing is built up from sections of standard length as per table "PC board length" versus "required sections". Just stack up the two end sections (left and right) with intermediate sections in between. The PCB is imbedded securely all around its perimeter by the engineered slots in the intermediate and end sections thus assuring a safe, stable and secure mounting that is robust to vibration and human factors. To assemble a complete module, see the exploded view for the assembly details and references to the mating components. Choose all the module subcomponents yourself, let WECO assist you or let WECO build everything for you.

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
  • Assembly Table - This table provides the required sections for a specified PC board length. Lengths for covers are also listed.
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