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Grounding Terminals

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    These explosion proof grounding terminals, millions of which have already proved their worth in practical applications, are suitable for installations in apparatus, machinery and installation equipment of all types. They are used chiefly in applications requiring a locked screw connection. WECO grounding terminals provide maximum operational reliability and meet the requirements of the corresponding VDE regulations. The upper section of a DF terminal comprises a grounding nut, a flat clamping member, which is mounted so that it can rotate, and a spiral spring (in case of 4 mm2 terminals a lock washer 3,5 DIN 7980 is used instead of a spring, these upper sections are called DR). The spring with extra-long spring travel is mounted captive on the inside of the upper section between the collar of the clamping member and the grounding nut. The lathe-turned journal above the plate-shaped collar is slightly longer than the block length of the spring so that it absorbs most of the pressure and the spring is thus not subject to fatigue. The fitted spiral spring produces a strong blocking effect (friction locking) and exerts a long-term, reliable pressure on the clamped conductors. The upper section encloses the lower section and thus prevents the legs from bending outwards.

    In addition they also afford the possibility of connecting incoming and outgoing lines separately. The base section of DFD-1-EN and DFD-3-EN have one mounting hole at the center, while the DFD-5-EN and DFD-6-EN have two holes. The upper section of DFD-6-EN has a standard 24 mm (0.94 in.) hexagon head.

  • Double Grounding Terminal
  • Single or Dual Wire Clamping
  • Threaded hole
  • With Locking Cap
Technical Data

(maximum load at 40°C (104°F) ambient temperature)

Nominal Cross Section: 4.0 mm2

Wire Stripping Length: 12 mm

Recommended operating Current: 39 A

Wire Range: 10 AWG

Bill of Materials

Upper Temperature Limit 1 : As per EX approvals : 40°C (104°F)

Upper Temperature Limit 2 : Physical limit of materials : 240°C (464°F)


Threaded Hole: M3.5

Terminal Body: Nickel plated brass

Locking Cap: Nickel plated brass

Spring: Spring steel, blue annealed or galvanized

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
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