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Shipboard Terminals

A-3.1-DREN Variable Spacing   -   4 poles Print this page


    Type A-3.1 (according to DIN 89300) is preferably fastened with an M4 screw according to DIN 84 and a 5,3 DIN washer according to 9021, through the star-shaped center hole. For the attachment of terminal blocks to be used in hazardous areas for naval applications, see application note below. These terminals have electrically compressed and locked grounding terminals with 3,5 spring ring according to DIN 7980.

  • Ceramic Shipboard Terminal
  • Star shaped
Technical Data

(maximum load at 40°C (104°F) ambient temperature)

Nominal Cross Section: 4.000 mm2

Wire Stripping Length: 9 mm

Recommended Voltage Range: 250 V

Recommended operating Current: 30 A

Wire Range: 12 AWG

Bill of Materials

Molding : Steatite KER 220, DIN 40685

Color : White

Upper Temperature Limit 1 : As per EX approvals: 40°C (104°F)

Physical limit of materials: 240°C (464°F) :




For attachment of the terminal blocks, one M4 pan head screw according to DIN 84, one washer of copper-zinc alloy with a diameter of 15 mm external/ 4.3 mm internal diameter and a flexible base must be used. The terminal blocks can be used at ambient temperatures up to 40°C at the place of installation due to self-heating in electrical apparatus under services conditions - preferably lighting fittings and junction and connection boxes - for the temperature classes T1 to T6. For use in apparatus in the classes T1 to T3, it must be ensured that the maximum temperature at the insulator does not exceed 100°C. For installation in a terminal housing - minimum degree of protection IP 54 - the requirements of EN 50014 / VDE 0171 part 1 sub clauses 14.2 and 14.4, must additionally be complied with.

Visual Description
  • Locking Cap DF
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