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Surface Mount Terminal Blocks

971-SLK-SMD 5.00 mm (0.197 in) Spacing   -   2-12 poles Print this page

  • US Patent # 6.224.399 B1

    Canadian Patent # 2,307,922

    Material will handle RoHS complying reflow temperatures without deforming or melting.
  • Pinstrip
  • Excellent coplanarity better than 0.13 mm

    Typical resistance to vertical pull off force per pin: 10 kg (depending on soldering process).

    Typical resistance to horizontal peel off force per pin: 3 kg (depending on soldering process).
Technical Data

Center to Center Spacing: 5.000 mm (0.197 in)

Bill of Materials

Solder Pin: Tin plated copper alloy Ø 1.1 mm (0.04 in.)

Average weight per pole: 0.04 g



You can now convert one more component on your board to a genuine surface mount. You can increase packaging accuracy and component density, use both sides of the PCB, reduce and eliminate set-up costs and simplify and streamline your processes.

The patented 971-SLK-SMD "nail head" pin design ensures a secure and reliable contact with the printed circuit board. The 0.15 mm co-planarity tolerance of this pin strip allows reliable soldering to PCB approaching zero defects for this characteristic and its effects. Plastic thermo resistant caps ensure automated pick & place-ability for both odd and even pole versions. (Consult our u201cTape & Reel Datau201d table within our Technical Information section for details.

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
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Plated component: solder pin
Ordering Notes
See download PDF for complete tape and reel assembly specifications or to order alternate pin lengths and diameters.







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