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BST 302/ -322/ -323/ -324/ -327, Marking Strips for terminal strips Variable Spacing   -    poles Print this page

  • The BST marker strips are designed for mounting beneath or above the terminal strips to provide circuit identification. They are held in place by the same fastener that secures the terminal strip to the panel or chassis. The BST Marking Strips are available in marked and blank versions. The white PVC marking strips are supplied with black hot stamped characters. Standard marking orientations are listed in the table above, special marking can be supplied on request, please contact our customer service department.
  • Width =
    BST-302 /-322 : 21 mm (0.83 in.)
    BST-323 : 28 mm (1.10 in.)
    BST-324 : 31 mm (1.22 in.)
    BST-327: 39 mm (1.54 in.)
  • For circuit identification
  • Strips mount beneath or above the terminal strips and are secured by mounting screws.
Technical Data

Center to Center Spacing:

Temperature Resistance:: approximately 80°C (176°F)

Bill of Materials
Visual Description
  • See additional photo for Marking Orientation
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Please order BST-327 to replace any WECO BST-326 items
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