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A-323/ B-323 (-Z), Covers and Base Plates Variable Spacing   -    poles Print this page

  • If a designer needs additional insulation and protection from accidental contact with metal components, the cover/plate combination can be ordered for 321/322/323 terminal strip series. Note that the base plate is available in 2 -12 positions while the covers are available in 2 and 3 positions; these covers can be installed end to end to produce the needed configuration.
    Note that the base plate must be installed before securing the terminal strip to the chassis. The wires are attached to the terminal strip and the covers latch onto the base plate. The covers can be removed by inserting a screwdriver blade into the release openings. The -Z designation indicates a mounting plate with a peg molded into the bottom; this allows the use of a single screw to secure the base plate and to prevent rotation.
  • For additional circuit protection
  • For use with: 323, 323-HDS, 323-V, 323-V-HDS, 323-FN, 323-FN-HDS, 321-LFS*, 321-LFS-DS*, 322-LFS*, 322-LFS-DS*, 322-A-2.8*, 322-A-2.8-DS* (*2 and 3 pole versions only.)
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Center to Center Spacing: 10 mm

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