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Surface Mount Terminal Blocks

210-A-126-SMD 3.50 mm (0.138 in) Spacing   -   2-12 poles Print this page

  • The 210-A-126-SMD represents a space saving and compact terminal block with a high connecting capacity. The distinguishing characteristic of the block is the significant increase of retention force on the PCB surface. Floating Retention Devices (Floating Anchors) on either side of the molding can move vertically before assembling and therefore ensure total coplanarity. By installing these anchors slightly toward the front of the connector the retention area of the entire terminal block is increased which improves the retaining strength of the installation and its resistance against the installer "wire pull-out" test. Subsequently the effects of the installer "wire pull-out test" force acting on the solder pins is highly reduced. Equipped with high temperature resistant pick disc and packed in tape and reel this genuine SMT connector is suitable for automatic assembling with Pick Place robots.

    German Utility Patent 20 2005 014 667.6
  • Low profile
  • Wire entrance parallel to PC Board
  • Elevator-style clamping mechanism with floating anchors.

    Typical peel off forces: 32 kg per 6 pole connector (depending on soldering process).
Technical Data

Center to Center Spacing: 3.500 mm (0.138 in)

Nominal Cross Section: 1.5 mm2 (2325 mils2)

Wire Stripping Length: 5.500 mm (0.217 in)

Bill of Materials

Molding : HT Polyamide, Self extinguishing UL 94, V-0

Color : Black

Temperature limits : Short Time : 260°C (500°F)
Continuous : 105°C (221°F)Low Limit : -40°C (-40°F)

Ambient Temp. Range (°C) : -40°C to 40°C

Comparative Tracking Index : CTI ≥ 600 V

Oxygen Index Rating : 37 %


Screw: Tin plated copper alloy M2

Terminal Body: Nickel plated copper alloy

Pressure Plate: Tin plated copper alloy

Retention device: Tin plated copper alloy

Average weight per pole: 1.15 g



You can now convert one more component on your board to a genuine surface mount. You can increase packaging and component density, use both sides of the PCB, reduce and eliminate set-up costs and simplify and streamline your processes.

Flat contact leads provide a large surface area where screw torque is not transmitted to the solder joint, and integrated solderable retention devices ensure in field reliability in thermal cycling and protect against human factors during in field use. These solder joints have the strength and the shape required to make a consistently safe and reliable field-proven connection that meet application and regulatory requirements. The elevator-style-clamping mechanism allows an almost unlimited number of connections and disconnections of the wire.

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
  • Elevator Style Clamping
Approval Information UL File No. E69841  |  CSA File No. LR24322
    TYPE (Spacing)
    Current (A)
    Voltage (V)
    Screw Tightening
  • 210-A-126-SMD
    3.5 mm
     2.0 lbfin 
  • 210-A-126-SMD
    3.5 mm
     0.22 Nm 
International Approval Information

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage : 2500 V

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