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Surface Mount Terminal Blocks

110-M-221-SMD 3.50 mm (0.138 in) Spacing   -   02-12 poles Print this page

  • 110-M-221-SMD header is a multi-pole 3.5 mm receptacle header that performs total dynamic adaptability to planar variations of PCB. Contact pins of this product are capable to move in all X, Y, Z directions. The first result of this total co-planar adaptability, is the fact that even the slightest variation of the PCB planarity is compensated during the reflow soldering process. The second result is the elimination of the CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion) mismatch. It is because of its particular design, that pins are capable to compensate the negative effect of the different expansion parameters of both thermo resistant material of the plastic housing and the Epoxy material of the PCB. This phenomena is totally avoided through the “floating pin “ design. This connector type brings therefore a breakthrough solution into the SMT industry: total co-planarity dynamic adaptability and elimination of CTE mismatch. The quality of the soldering when using “floating pins & anchors “ is exceptional and this confers extreme resistance to horizontal peel-off and vertical pull-out stress forces.
    Removable thermo resistant pick caps are supplied when packed in tape and reel. This allows automated pick & place applications.
    Material is suitable for RoHS re-flow process environments.
    Type 110-M-221-SMD terminal block has been specially designed to allow effective potting of PC boards.
  • Header
  • Vertical version
Technical Data
Bill of Materials

Molding : Polyamide PA 6T/66,

Color : Black

Temperature limits : Short Time : 260°C (500°F)
Continuous : 110°C (230°F)Low Limit : -40°C (-40°F)

Ambient Temp. Range (°C) : -40°C to 40°C

Comparative Tracking Index : CTI ≥ 600 V

Oxygen Index Rating : 37 %


Solder Pin: Tin plated copper alloy Ø0.9mm(0.035in)

Average weight per pole: 0.187 g



You can convert on your board 3.5 mm connector receptacle made for wave solder or through hole reflow to 110-M-221-SMD genuine surface mount connector. You can increase PCB packaging and component density by using both sides of the PCB, reduce and eliminate set-up costs, simplify and streamline your processes.

Universal thermo resistant keyed pick cap is designed to ensure pick and place capability of headers for both even or odd pole versions. Any type of tape and reel configurations can be manufactured upon customer request.

Visual Description
  • RoHS WEEE Pb free surface compliant
Approval Information UL File No. E69841  |  CSA File No. LR24322
    TYPE (Spacing)
    Current (A)
    Voltage (V)
    Screw Tightening
  • 110-M-221-SMD
    3.5 mm
     8 8
     150 300
     B D
  • 110-M-221-SMD
    3.5 mm
     8 8
     150 300
     B D
International Approval Information

Rated Impulse Withstand Voltage : 2500 V

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