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SMarTconn - Technology and Applications

The SMarTconn product family consists of connectors, terminal blocks and pinstrips tailored for the reflow technology. New features have been designed to ensure extreme robustness of solder joints, retention of the component to the surface of the PCB and adaptability of contact pins to planar variations of PCB. You can now convert more components on your board to a genuine surface mount. You can increase packaging and component density, use both sides of the PCB, reduce and eliminate set-up costs and simplify and streamline your processes. Some SMarTconn products integrate original anchoring solution consisting of patented surface mount coplanarity adaptable anchors. SMarTconn genuine SMT connectors, pinstrips and headers are recommended for those SMT applications where coplanarity adaptation, minimization of tolerances related to the contact surface and retention strength to contact surface constitute essential reliability factors for the life cycle of the PCB.

SMarTconn products are best used in mass production systems, where products are manufactured at a high volume. Electronic contract manufacturers (ECMs) and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are perfect examples of SMarTconn users. They can produce a large variety of high-end products, from thermostats, heating and ventilation controls, to power supplies.

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