Electrical Power Generation

Count on WECO’s connectors to facilitate power generation to supply cities and local neighborhoods according to residential and commercial requirements. Designed for compact, demanding harsh environments, WECO’s long-lasting and, optional flame retardant terminal blocks, will delight your electrical junction box and control panel designs. The connector solutions WECO develops facilitate installation, after-market service and mobile connectivity via its multitude of configurations, allowing for the flexibility customers require nowadays. 


Solar Panels

Solar power is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. As the cost of solar electricity drops, solar panels are becoming increasingly common as a natural source of energy. Therefore, the increase in demand for cost effective, durable, and powerful solar panels has become an important focus for WECO, which offers a whole line of plug, header and power terminal blocks suited for power and control panels. Need a specific IP rating? WECO’s designers can assist you.

Wind Power

As wind power is an important source of renewable green energy, wind energy power has been growing rapidly. WECO’s connectors offers the necessary ultra-reliable connectivity components needed to efficiently operate this remotely located equipment while minimizing field servicing costs. 


Generators, which allow to convert mechanical energy into electricity, are found in many applications such as hydro-electric stations as well as solar and wind turbines. WECO’s expertise and connectors allow to satisfy the industry requirements for generators, providing and efficient and uninterrupted source of electricity.


327 (-HDS) 

328 (-HDS) 

714 Ceramic 

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Electrical Power Distribution

Whether energy needs to be distributed via an electric car charging station or a power converter, they are all on the critical path to supply power. Failure of those equipment can be devasting and very costly. Their design requiring high reliability, choose WECO’s reputed and reliable electrical connectors to maximize your design MTBF. 


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric vehicles are becoming more prevalent, so is the need for charging stations. Battery capacities and speed of charging continue to improve and offer more versatility to end-users opting for a greener option as their mode of transportation. Being mostly outdoor in harsh environments, it is crucial that electric vehicle charging stations have the most adequate and high-quality electrical corrosion and flame-resistant power connection solutions. WECO has exactly the product your design requires.

Surge and Power Correction 

By using WECO’s long-lasting compact connectors capable of withstanding above industry average power levels, you will be able to proudly protect your customer’s equipment by providing your high-performance surge protection, power correction, power conditioning units. 


327 (-HDS) 

327-FU (-HDS) 


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