Terminal strips for industrial applications: Series 328 and 329

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Our unique special terminal blocks enable rated currents above 85 Amps, offering exceptional performance where others fall short.

The 328 and 329 series terminal strips stand out not only because of their special size.

Series 328

Series 329

The terminal blocks from WECO are engineered for the toughest conditions, perfect for handling high currents in transformers or cable connections.

Offering unparalleled insulation and resistance to corrosion and aging, our 329 series sets new standards with currents up to 125 amps, surpassing current solutions capped at 85 amps.

Addressing the rising demand, we proudly stand as the sole manufacturer providing a comprehensive range of terminal strips, from 17 to 125 amps.

„Our new terminal strips are currently the only complete series on the market and are designed for rated currents of up to 125 amps. Previously, only currents of up to 85 amps were possible. We now also cover cable cross-sections up to 35 mm² and AWG from 8 to 2.“

Detlef Fritsch
General Manager of WECO Germany


In industrial automation, seamless electrical connections are vital for efficient machine and drive control.

Our 328 and 329 series terminal blocks provide the perfect solution, offering flawless, impact-resistant, durable, and corrosion-resistant connections.

With optimal insulation properties, easy handling, and robustness, these series ensure uninterrupted operation of industrial systems even in challenging conditions.

Typical applications span across the automotive industry, motors, cable connections, and any other high-current connections, guaranteeing smooth performance and minimal downtime.

The most important features

Nickel-plated brass screw connection

Temperature range from -30°C to +120°C

Available in 1 to 12-pole versions

Essential Features

The terminal blocks from our 328 and 329 series boast essential features crucial for industrial automation:

Flawless Performance

Designed for seamless electrical connections, ensuring uninterrupted operation of machines and drives.

Impact Resistance

Built to withstand impacts and mechanical stress common in industrial environments, reducing the risk of damage and downtime.


Engineered for long-term use, these terminal blocks offer reliable performance over extended periods, minimizing maintenance requirements.

Corrosion Resistance

Resistant to corrosion, these terminal blocks maintain their integrity even in harsh operating conditions, ensuring consistent performance.

Optimal Insulation Properties

With superior insulation properties, these terminal blocks ensure safe operation in diverse applications.

Easy Handling

Designed for user convenience, these terminal blocks are easy to install and maintain, streamlining industrial processes


Built for toughness, these terminal blocks can withstand challenging environmental conditions, ensuring reliable operation even in the harshest settings

These features collectively contribute to the smooth and efficient functioning of industrial systems, making our terminal blocks ideal for a wide range of applications in automation.

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Series 328

Series 329