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WECO is constantly innovating, and therefore, we’re always on the lookout for exceptional talent that can drive our vision forward. Our four core values – teamwork, respect, communication, and empowerment – are woven into all that we do, making WECO the perfect place to thrive in your career.


Advantages of joining our team

Team-oriented mentality

We share our successes and work together towards common goals. We foster team-building opportunities to keep employees engaged and encourage collaboration company-wide.

Respectful environment

We treat each other with respect, integrity, and an inclusive attitude. We pride ourselves on handling our interpersonal work relationships with emotional intelligence.

Clear communication

We value communication and transparency when dealing with our clients and each other. We encourage open dialogue and have the courage to facilitate honest conversations.

Self-development opportunities

We empower our employees to use their innate skills and talents to drive our vision forward. We invest in learning and self-development initiatives so our team can grow and thrive.

Employees testimonials

WECO was a gift along my professional journey. I met amazing people who helped me find my purpose. I grew in my career and I’m still growing, and I see that my effort is rewarded. I feel that at WECO I’m listened to, and my opinions are taken into account. I feel I belong.

July StaunetcheySales Executive, Brazil

One of the things I appreciate most about working at WECO is that there is always something new to learn or improve. You have opportunities to demonstrate your skills and abilities, and whenever help is needed, the team is always ready to support you.

Yuritzi CisnerosGeneral Manager, Mexico

Since I joined WECO, I’ve felt the human quality of the people who work here, how they all support you in your role, and how they ensure you learn all the things you need.

Cinthia CorreaCustomer Service, Mexico

For me, WECO has been a journey of growth as a person. I identify with the core values of the company, Excellence and Commitment, but most of all I’m impressed with the empathy and human values that are unique and beating in its people’s hearts: you’re not just a number, but a very important asset for WECO. That’s what makes this company different from others. I’m grateful to work at WECO and love giving my all every day.

Oscar CruzSales, Mexico

My favorite moment was attending Electronica in Germany in 2018 – it was a great opportunity to meet customers globally, and to meet colleagues and customers with common interests and requirements that are far from home!

Adriana GalliSales, Canada

I am proud to be one of the 3 women leading half of the global subsidiaries at WECO. Respect, recognition, and autonomy are the key points that have kept me at WECO for over 11 years.

Ana Flavia RodriguesGeneral Manager, Brazil

“Success is having what you want, happiness is loving what you do”. At WECO, we have found ourselves facing new challenges, working with an amazing company, doing something we love, and enhancing our careers professionally and personally. Being part of the WECO team is something to be proud of. Truly, we feel like we are part of something bigger than ourselves!

Kifeh OudaaTraining, Recruitment and Communication Officer, Tunisia

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