Power and Control Sector

Electrical Connector Solutions

WECO’s robust connectors are capable of transmitting high current and voltage, providing high-performance connections in control panels.
These panels monitor and control machines, and our terminal blocks provide compact solutions with superior performance primarily for industrial automation.


Generators, which convert mechanical energy into electricity, are used to power many applications from hydroelectric stations to solar panels and wind turbines.
WECO uses its expertise to design power connectors that meet the most stringent requirements for generators, facilitating efficient and uninterrupted transmission of electricity.

Surge and Power Correction

WECO’s robust, long-lasting, high-temperature connectors are capable of withstanding power levels that exceed the industry average.
This provides our clients peace of mind when using WECO connectors in their critical equipment.

Power Inverters

Drivers, inverters, and VFDs are used for a wide variety of energy applications.
Adopted by several large-drive OEMs, WECO’s compact terminal blocks provide reliable power and control connections. Integrating our products into your designs allows you to maximize performance and uptime.

Control Panels

Control panels are used in production lines or factories to monitor and control machines.
A popular pick for industrial automation applications, WECO’s terminal blocks provide compact solutions that offer superior performance.
Need a surface mount solution? Our SMarTconn technology delivers maximum power - wire to board solutions.

Audio and Video Equipment

If you want to control stage lights and sound equipment, you will need high-quality electronics and electric power.
Look no further for reliability and performance: WECO has the terminal blocks in integrated cable strain relief, to help you achieve optimal results and enhance the entertainment experience for audiences of all kinds.

Appliances Powering and Control

Oven controls are continuously exposed to harsh operating conditions – namely high heat and electrical power.
WECO’s flame retardant and heat-resistant power distribution blocks are made of advanced materials, allowing for superior power and heat management.
Commercial dryers, which require uninterrupted use, rely on WECO’s connectors for energy-efficient and cost-effective operation.