Electrical Connectors

that fit your needs

We ensure your engineers
have everything they need
to design quality projects
on time, on budget,
and to their specifications.

Solve your certification challenges

We are familiar with all relevant standards and certifications, so you can feel confident that your solutions will be compliant. We provide detailed documentation and specifications. allowing you to independently confirm our connectors' integrity.

Reduce your risk with a simulation

We can supply you with sample connectors and CAD drawings which are compliant with most operating systems. All of this ensures our products will meet your technical requirements.

Get custom components designed for your project

If the solution doesn’t exist yet, we can make it happen. Our expertise in manufacturing allows us to create tailored solutions. We will supply you with 3D-printed samples when tailored solutions are required based on the latest technologies.

Avoid mismatching components and count on our Poka-Yoke solutions

WECO provides tailored adjustments to our connectors, such as coding keys, product marking, custom labeling, and even special colors to ensure your applications are assembled and connected error-free.

Explore new solutions

With a century-long track record of success, WECO is a name you can trust. Each one of our solutions is underpinned by in-depth research about your product and accompanied by supportive documentation, allowing you to innovate beyond your current offering in a safe and proven environment.

Establish a single point of contact

No matter how complex your project may be, WECO can be your one-stop shop. Thanks to our worldwide presence, we can handle orders from our factories or distribution points across the globe.

Get the best value, always

Our diverse connector portfolio is constantly growing, allowing us to support our customers with multiple products and offer competitive pricing on volume production.

Trust in our supply chain intelligence

We do everything in our power to ensure product availability. We monitor our stock proactively in anticipation of our customer’s needs. This agility allows us to react quickly for urgent customers’ requirements. Stock maintenance programs are also available for customers.

Make your choice with confidence

WECO provides all the supporting documentation you need to make an informed supplier recommendation to management, from test reports to 3D drawings.

We help strategic buyers
simplify their supplier
workflow, maximize cost
savings, and make

We value executive
need to forge lasting
relationships, maintain
a reliable delivery flow,
and remain agile
in the face of changing
markets and requirements.

Receive your deliveries on time

WECO exceeds the industry standard for on-time delivery. You can rest easy knowing your products will be there exactly when you need them, allowing you to avoid costly delays, logistics issues, or backorder problems.

Choose a partner for the long term

With over 100 years of service behind us, we have proven ourselves to be a stable, enduring, reliable partner. Our market share has only continued to grow over our many decades of operation, and it’s all thanks to our clients’ unwavering trust and confidence in us.

Maintain an active partnership

WECO is deeply invested in building a strong and dynamic relationship with customers. We hold various communications throughout the year, such as in-person visits, calls from senior management at WECO, as well quarterly business reviews.

Interface with local teams

WECO has an international vision with a local presence, allowing clients to benefit from an efficient decentralized structure and be served in their preferred language. Our manufacturing centers are in both North America and Europe, and we have five global sales and distribution centers strategically located in Asia, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and Germany.

Choose a partner that can evolve with you

Our commitment to ongoing innovation guarantees that we will grow and evolve alongside your business. As new technologies have hit the market over the last century, we have developed components to suit new applications. Current clients can leverage this same agility as they develop their own product lines.

Our range of Standard Electrical Connectors

PCB Connectors

  • Our PCB connectors are wire-to-board applications and available as standard through-hole, high temperature for reflow (THR) and surface mount (SMD). Connections can be either a one or two-piece plug mating to a header or pin strip. Pitch ranging from 3.5 mm up to 12.7 mm.
  • Available from 2 poles up to 24 poles with an optional wire protection feature and captive screws.
  • Socket terminal style with either screw clamping, elevator rising cage, screwless or tab connections.

SMarTconn (SMD/THR)

SMarTconn combines our interconnect solutions for both Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and high-temperature Through-Hole Technology (THR). Connections can be a one or two-piece plug and header or pin strip. SMarTconn offers:

  • Total coplanarity ensuring optimal contact to PCB solder past during reflow.
  • Compensation for variations in the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE mismatch).
  • Pitch ranging from 3.5 mm to 5.0 mm and available in 2 to 12 poles.
  • Currents from 8 A up to 17.5 A.
  • Packaging available as Tape-on-Reel or bar magazine for automated assembly processes.

Terminal Strips for Panel

WECO’s 300 Series Terminal Strips include screws, tab terminals, special configurations with solder and quick connect tabs, along with a hybrid module available with a combo of screw and screwless connections.

  • Available in pitch from 8 | mm up to 22 mm.
  • High-quality, flame-resistant materials with wire protection and wire stop features.
  • Wire from 1.5 mm2 (14 AWG) to 35 mm2 (2 AWG); capable of handling currents up to 125 A.
  • Housings made of polyamide plastic material that meet the ball pressure test at 125°C according to VDE 0470.

Tab Connectors

WECO tab connectors are designed for quick connections to “tab receptacles” commonly used in HVAC and field installation. Our range of tab connectors includes:

  • Multiple configurations: multi-point tab connections, tab/solder connections, flat plugs, couplers, and space-saving designs.
  • High-quality housings that meet all the necessary requirements for temperature, environmental conditions, clearance, and creepage distances, as well as a wide variety of certifications.
  • Tabs in standardized sizes for universal use with mating receptacles.
  • Special configurations available in multiple-angle connections.

Ceramic Terminal Blocks

WECO ceramic terminal blocks are wire-to-wire applications manufactured from engineered ceramics using high purity and smaller grain size ceramics, sintered in a reduced atmosphere.

  • Intrinsically safe for electrical equipment used in furnaces, ovens, engines, and shipbuilding.
  • Immune to humidity and corrosion and high electrical insulation capacity.
  • Abrasion and wear resistance with high dimensional stability capable of withstanding temperatures up to 1000⁰C.