Bring the performance of your HVAC infrastructure to superior levels while optimizing operational costs using WECO’s technology. Advanced materials and design has made WECO’s reputation for over decades at serving top class worldwide HVAC OEMs. The reliable mechanical strength high reflow temperature resistance and flame retardant polymer used in WECO’s connectors can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperature, humidity, corrosion and vibration. Your design requires a special configuration? WECO’s highly skilled engineers can design to your specifications. 


Heat Pump Controls

Adopted by renowned worldwide Heat Pump OEMs, WECO’s plug and header connectors allow for easy product assembly and field servicing. WECO’s products durability serves well in a harsh outdoor environment Heat Pumps are subjected to.


Decades ago, WECO’s plug and surface mount pin strip pioneer design allowed OEMs to launch the first ever two-piece wall thermostat. Widely adopted by the industry today, this compact connectivity solution allows for sleek designs while providing low cost of ownership and field servicing.


Use WECO’s technology to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your refrigerators. Standardized for decades by major refrigeration OEMs across the world, WECO’s connectors allow to reduce the carbon footprint as well as increase the real estate on a PCB of your operating units. By adopting WECO’s long proven technology, you will save energy, minimize service expenses, and effectively maintain optimized food chain costs. 



323 (-HDS)





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