HVAC Sector

Electrical Connector Solutions

Bring the performance of your HVAC infrastructure to superior levels while optimizing operational costs using WECO’s technology.
Advanced materials and design has made WECO’s reputation for over decades at serving top class worldwide HVAC OEMs. The reliable mechanical strength high reflow temperature resistance and flame retardant polymer used in WECO’s connectors can withstand harsh environments such as extreme temperature, humidity, corrosion and vibration.
Your design requires a special configuration? WECO’s highly skilled engineers can design to your specifications.

Heat Pump Controls

Trusted by top heat pump OEMs across the globe, WECO’s plug and header power connectors allow for easy product assembly and field servicing. Designed to deliver unparalleled durability, they are able to withstand the harsh outdoor conditions that heat pumps are up against.


Decades ago, WECO’s innovative plug and surface-mount pin strip design allowed OEMs to launch the first-ever two-piece wall thermostat.
Today, this widely adopted compact connectivity solution allows for sleek designs while enabling low cost of ownership and minimal field servicing.


Standardized for decades by major refrigeration OEMs, WECO’s power connectors are available in surface mount which helps maximize the real estate on a PCB.
Choosing WECO’s proven technology means saving energy, minimizing service expenses, and effectively maintaining optimized food chain costs.

Air Conditioning Systems

Air supply, exhaust, recirculation, and temperature fluctuations: these elements are at the heart of every air conditioning system and WECO connectors serve as the vital link for signal and power transmission.
No matter the weather, temperature, environmental influences, or mechanical forces, WECO connectors are guaranteed to deliver lasting quality for long-term maintenance-free use.


Air Conditioning System


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