Access controls, such as electronic door locks and scanners, are important to secure homes and buildings. For decades, WECO has been an industry standard by providing cost effective, compact, and reliable connection solutions to ensure the safety of occupants with thoroughly functional access controls.


Access Control Scanners

The use of scanners in access control is not a new concept. Identification card scanners have been in use for decades. The rapid advancements in technology have introduced new waves of access controls such as biometrics. The unique fingerprint, shape of iris and even the vascularity of hands are now used to securely identify a user. WECO’s dependable connector SmartConn technology plays an important role in the functionality of these access control scanners, ensuring safety and cost-effective ease of use. 

Security Cameras 

In today’s modern society, security cameras are everywhere: banks, malls, offices and even local gyms. They bring peace of mind and a sense of security to the population and are a deterrent to acts of crime. Develop the best security cameras by implementing WECO’s compact technology, which offers reliability and uninterrupted electrical connectivity. 

Gate Controls

Count on the safety and reliability of WECO’s premier electrical connection solutions for your in-field installations and applications such as gate controls and garage door units. WECO’s advanced materials components are resistant to extreme temperature, humidity, corrosion and vibration often the reality of these applications. 









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Fire Monitoring

Products made for the fire and security industry protect people by using control units, keypads, security panels, and detectors for dangerous environmental elements in a variety of sectors. Homes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities and educational institutions all benefit from the features that fire and security equipment offer. Technology developed at WECO helps deliver products with optimized performance that result in cost savings, increased connectivity as well as end-components that are esthetically pleasing and technologically advanced. Count on the reliability of WECO’s components to avoid unwanted failure in the field.   


Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors are typically installed in facilities to safeguard its occupants against the harmful gas that is produced by the combustion of materials that contain carbon. Integrate WECO’s connectors in your design for carbon monoxide detectors to ensure uninterrupted, reliable, and durable connection, ensuring workers and businesses safety. 

UV/IR Flame Detectors

UV and IR flame detectors measure the wavelength of light emitted by a combustion fire. They are an essential element for the safety and protection of environments where a fire can spread rapidly such as a petrochemical refinery. Rely on WECO’s durable and reliable connectors to ensure that your UV/IR flame detectors respond quickly and accurately to combustion fires. 


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