Fire & Security Sector

Electrical Connector Solutions

For decades, WECO has continued to set the industry standard for connections used in fire and security detections whether used in homes, warehouses, manufacturing facilities or educational institutions.
WECO technology is designed for reliability and cost savings while delivering aesthetically pleasing end products that are optimized for performance.

Access Control Scanners

While ID scanners have been in use for decades, rapid advancements in technology have introduced new access parameters such as biometrics. Fingerprints, irises, and even hands can now be used to securely identify a user.
WECO’s dependable SMarTconn connectors play a key role in the functionality of these technologies, ensuring ease of use and reliability

Security Cameras

In today’s society, security cameras are everywhere: in banks, malls, offices, gyms, and even on the street. They provide peace of mind and a sense of security while acting as a deterrent to crime.
Develop best-in-class surveillance cameras with WECO’s compact connector technology, which offers reliability and uninterrupted electrical connectivity.

Gate Controls

Count on WECO’s safe and reliable electrical connections for easy in-field installations of gate controls and garage door units.
Our advanced materials and components are resistant to extreme temperatures, humidity, corrosion, and vibration, which are commonplace with outdoor applications.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors protect a facility’s occupants from the harmful gases produced when certain materials are combusted.
When it comes to this harmful gas, there is no room for error: integrate WECO’s power connectors into your detectors to ensure a durable, reliable, uninterrupted connection keeping everyone safe at all times.

UV/IR Flame Detectors

UV and IR flame detectors are essential tools for ensuring the safety of facilities where a fire can spread rapidly, such as a petrochemical refinery.
Don’t leave your team and assets vulnerable to fire: use WECO’s durable and reliable high-temperature connectors to ensure your UV/IR flame detectors respond with speed and precision.