Mobility Sector

Electrical Connector Solutions

WECO’s electrical connector solutions are made to perform in unforgiving outdoor environments.
Rain, sleet, and snow are no match for our robust technology, which is used in EV chargers, and infrastructures around the world. These specialized connectors accommodate large currents.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

As electric vehicles become more prevalent, there will be a growing need for charging stations. Since these stations are typically located outdoors and in harsh environments, it is crucial that they are equipped with top-quality, corrosion and flame-resistant power connectors.


WECO’s innovative SMarTconn pin header is an integral component for electric vehicle circuit boards.
SMarTconn’s “Floating Pin” technology compensates for larger temperature variations and ensures ultimate performance.

Traffic Monitoring & Regulation

Trust WECO’s connectors to develop modern street or specialty lighting solutions. Our technology can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure and withstand even the most challenging outdoor environments.

Electric Wheelchairs

Similarly to electric vehicles, motorized wheelchairs also require safe, efficient, and hazard-free power delivery.
Our electrical terminal blocks are perfectly suited for the realities of everyday travel, from repeated vibrations on the road or sidewalk to harsh elements.




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