Infrastructure Sector

Electrical Connector Solutions

In order to ensure passenger safety, all door sensors, controllers, and steering units must be exceptionally reliable.
WECO’s connectors are a key component in developing elevator and escalator controllers that resist repeated movements and vibrations.
Whether you have to accommodate harsh environments, limited space, or a special configuration, WECO has a solution that will suit your needs.

Emergency Signs

Emergency signs must always be visible and functional in case of an unexpected event.
Use WECO’s robust and durable connectors to develop emergency signs that deliver clear and reliable indicators.

Street Lighting

Trust WECO’s connectors when designing modern streetlight or specialty lighting solutions.
Our connectors withstand challenging outdoor environments; no need to worry about servicing a faulty street light due to a defective terminal block.

Telecom Infrastructure

Mobile phones and broadband internet are essential elements of our daily lives.
WECO’s power connectors offer the reliability required to broadcast signals to remote locations via radio infrastructure.


No matter how common elevators might be for day-to-day passenger transportation, maximizing safety while minimizing maintenance will always be a top priority.
Over the decades, we have honed our elevator connector technology to be vibration-proof and exceptionally durable, so clients can benefit from a long service life and complete peace of mind.