Who we are

Over 100 years of history

One hundred years – a milestone that few companies are fortunate enough to celebrate. Founded in 1921, WECO has woven itself into the tapestry of human history. When the first television hit the market, when man landed on the moon, when the Internet became accessible to all, we were hard at work doing what we do best: engineering innovative connector solutions for a variety of industries.
This century of success was made possible by our devoted team, our trusted partners, our steadfast suppliers, and our loyal customers. Today, WECO’s presence proudly spans the entire globe, from the Americas to Europe, Asia-Pacific, and North Africa.


The Milestones


A celebration of success

With 100 years of history behind us, we have confidently stepped into our identity as a unified, customer-centric company that is always ready to take on a challenge.


Asia and South America expansion

We enter the new century by expanding our footprint, opening our first sales office in Hong Kong in 2006, a second office in Shenzhen the following year, and another office in Curitiba, Brazil.


Rapid product launches

We launch our New Product Guide to better serve high-production assembly lines, patent our SMarTconn technology, and introduce our first Tape-on-Reel product for modern pick and place machines.


Innovation by fire

A devastating 1997 fire in Dusseldorf airport forces the industry to reevaluate the use of plastic and insulated materials, motivating WECO to look for safer, more flame-retardant products.


Certified reliable

In 1993, we obtain our DIN ISO 9001 certification, allowing us to take on more demand from global clients and reinforce our status as a trustworthy partner.

What makes WECO different

Unparalleled commitment

From client research to custom development, we remain
flexible and adaptable to deliver solutions that suit your unique vision.

Tailored approach

Tailored approach

The ability to customize on a granular level to ensure project success

Research-backed development

Research-backed development

Step one is getting to know your product and application in-depth

Flexible service

Flexible service

We can support you at various stages of product development and integration, whether it is a sales discussion for an existing product to a tailored solution including testing and more.

Can-do mentality

Can-do mentality

Run into a challenge? Our innovative team will be right there with a solution

A progressive attitude

Forward-thinking supply chain

These days, supply chain issues are some of the most significant barriers to progress. To avoid backlogs and delays, we run stock programs and consignment programs to ensure the availability of parts and products.

We maintain elevated quantities
stock to ensure our clients always
receive what they need
We can create tailored stock programs
for specific products and clients
We even offer consignment programs
for certain clients

Focus on innovation

We are always looking ahead, keeping tabs on industry breakthroughs, and innovating alongside the market.



The “WE” in WECO

Everyday, extraordinary people from Canada, Germany, Tunisia, Mexico, Brazil, and Asia
join forces from around the world to set a new standard for excellence in our industry.

Our Vision

To be the first choice in tailored electrical connection solutions for industrial application worldwide.

Our Mission

We are committed to leverage our century of success and passion by exceeding customer expectations in creativity, high quality standards of products and service, and continue building sustainable long-term partnerships.

Our Values

Customer Focus, Accountability, Respect, Empowerment, Leadership, Team Work, Communication, Continuous Improvement