Tailored Electrical

Connector Solutions

We aim to be the first choice in tailored electrical connection solutions for industrial application worldwide.
Looking for a partner that will be with you every step of the way?
The experts at WECO can tailor a solution for you, from creating a new connector all the way through supplier relations, development, and implementation.

The process

Collaboration. Creativity. Connection.
Every WECO project starts with a roundtable discussion.

Sometimes, a customer comes to us with requirements we cannot fulfill with our current product range. Most suppliers would end the conversation there – but not us. If the solution you need to get the job done doesn’t exist yet, we never shy away from breaking new ground. In the face of a challenge, our team will go back to the drawing board and develop an all-new concept that brings your vision to life.
No matter the task at hand, our team is committed to working side-by-side with yours. Why? Because expertise is exponential, and with our knowledge bases combined, we can create connector solutions that will change the course of your business.

The commitment

Our entire team is dedicated to building a lasting relationship and spending the time
to provide a solution that meets your needs year after year.

Beyond developing the initial product, our team can support you throughout the testing phase, certification and compliance phase, and beyond.
Finally, we will apply continuous improvement methods even after production has started. This discussion can extend over many years – even decades! – as the product evolves over time.

The promise

A partner is only as valuable as their trustworthiness and reliability.
That’s why WECO has multiple processes in place to ensure our clients are satisfied at every stage of the iteration process – and long after we’ve wrapped up a project.

The pillars that make it possible

+ Technology
+ Agility/flexibility
+ Knowledge/Expertise/Experience
+ Creativity

Our levels of customization

Existing products adjusted just for you

Our light custom options include:

  • Special markings
  • Different moulding colors
  • Different types of screws
  • Various plating options
Extra engineering to ensure the right fit

Our advanced custom options include:

  • Existing components with new parts
  • Special plating
  • Bent pins
  • Adjusted dimensions
A completely unique solution

Our new design custom options include :

  •  New Projects
  •  Desigining a product that does not exist yet