Renewable Energy Sector

Power Generation and Distribution

To supply cities and neighborhoods with power, providers need to meet strict residential and commercial requirements.
Whether energy needs to be distributed via an electric charging station or a power converter, WECO’s reliable connectors facilitate safe and efficient transmission.
Our rugged products help providers avoid costly system failures, even in harsh environments.

Solar Panels

As demand rises for cost-effective, durable, and powerful solar panels, WECO is innovating alongside these market evolutions.
We have developed a line of plug, header, and power terminal blocks for the power supply and controls required to convert solar energy to electricity. Our designers can help.

Wind Power

Safety, reliability, and compliance are key when it comes to wind power.
WECO connectors are made with ultra-reliable connectivity components, allowing clients to efficiently operate their remotely located equipment with minimal field servicing costs.
Our products also offer safety features like screw locks and snap-fit connections for components that are subject to vibrations and harsh conditions.

Tidal Power

The tides are turning on traditional power, and WECO is at the forefront of innovation.
Our line of terminal strips, tab connectors, and ceramics are equipped to withstand the most demanding environmental conditions and requirements, featuring corrosion-resistant technology and multiple voltage connections.

Geothermal Energy

As a longtime provider for the geothermal energy sector, WECO is very familiar with the requirements that are unique to the industry.
Our PCB terminals and connector systems operate without interference and can withstand the harsh environmental conditions that are common with geothermal applications.

Hydropower Controls

Hydroelectric facilities provide energy for countless communities, and a single breakdown has the potential to wreak havoc on the power supply.WECO’s high-voltage PCB connectors and terminal strips are ideal for these applications, featuring durable designs that will keep your expensive equipment operating smoothly without the need for maintenance.


Renewable Energy


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