WECO’s connectors allow to provide electrical power and regulate commercial appliances operating parameter as per market regulatory and safety specifications. By incorporating WECO’s connectors, you will rest assured to maximize industrial or home appliances reliability and user safety. Additionally, WECO’s connectors will allow you to design appliances with a superior mean time between failures and a reduced cost associated with field repairs and returns.


Oven Powering and Control

Oven controls are continuously subject to demanding operating conditions, mainly comprised of high heat and electrical power. Made from advanced materials, WECO’s flame retardant and heat resistant power terminal blocks allow for the superior management of such power and heat. 

Commercial Clothes Dryer 

Commercial dryers require uninterrupted functioning to allow for constant use, emphasizing the importance of the design of such machinery. Rely on WECO’s connectors to develop commercial dryers that function uninterruptedly and are energy efficient, allowing for cost savings. 

Tank-less Water Heaters

By designing-in WECO’s connectors in your tank-less water heaters, you will be able to continuously provide hot water while providing optimized long-term costs of ownership. As tank-less water heaters help regulate the amount of water utilized during heating, WECO’s high-quality, resistant, and long-lasting connectors are paramount to their efficient functioning.  



302 (-HDS) 





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Instrumentation devices such as detectors, sensors, level and flow monitors as well as fuel pumps require components that are more resistant to harsh environments such as extreme temperature, humidity, corrosion and vibration. Rely on WECO’s expertise in the industry and use its connectors to meet your challenging requirements of these mission critical applications.  


Flow Meters

Flow meters can be used to measure the flow of many elements; they use different technologies such as ultra-sonic flow meters and mass flown meters. By using WECO’s connectivity to their designs, OEMs make their meters intelligent and networkable. Those features attract factories and utilities looking for increased productivity. WECO offers the most compact solutions for these different flow meters. 

Fuel Distribution

Fuel line leak detection, fuel tank gauges, and meter registers are examples of fuel management tools that depend on the performance of its components. By using WECO’s high-performing electrical connectors, your fuel management equipment will be functioning effectively. This will allow to provide the required data and information to your customers regarding the consumption of fuel, whether it is an industrial, commercial, or residential application.


974-T (-DS) 


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