Factory Automation

Use WECO’s high-tech solutions and leading-edge technology in the factory automation industry to facilitate and customize the mass production of goods. WECO’s connectors will allow to improve quality and reliability, while reducing direct labor and increasing flexibility. 



Drivers, inverters, and VFD’s are used in many applications. Adopted by several large drive OEMs, WECO’s terminal blocks provide compact and reliable power and control connection. Using WECO in your designs translates into maximized automated process performance and up-time. 


WECO has designed components that can withstand the repeatability, precision and speed required in all computer-controlled machine tools such as lathes, mills, routers, and grinders used in manufacturing processes.

Control Panels

Control panels are found on production lines or in factories to monitor and control machines. Very popular among the industrial automation world, WECO’s terminal blocks provide compact low footprint combined to superior performance. Your design requires surface mount solutions? WECO’s SmartConn provides a comprehensive line of surface mount connectivity solutions. 






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