Major order for customized PCB terminal block

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A tailored solution story -
Indian company relies entirely on our quality with major order.

The 990 series has actually only been a marginal product in the PCB terminal block sector for a long time, but has always scored points for its quality and reliable connection technology.

It is therefore not surprising that a globally active electronics company from India has placed a major order for this very PCB terminal block.

We were also able to score points here with another of our strengths: Tailored Solutions, i.e. customer-specific products, specially tailored to the customer’s application.

Tailor-made modifications

Based on our standard product, the 990-FU-DS PCB terminal block, we have now created a new, modified 12-pin version for the customer. While the standard version is slightly tilted backwards, we are now producing a straight version instead. In addition, we are now producing this terminal with a black housing color instead of red – also at the customer’s request.

Thanks to these simple modifications to a standard product, we were able to respond very quickly to individual customer requests for a higher housing, a straight design and a different housing color. This was also reflected in the rapid start of production following the customer’s approval.

“We are delighted that we were able to convince our customer, who operates primarily in India, of the quality of our products.“

Detlef Fritsch
General Manager of WECO German

What makes this terminal so special?

A major advantage is the force-guided wire protection.
The terminal with lift system consists of a socket with a solder pin and a contact bracket, which also serves as a wire protection.

Thanks to the special design, the wire protection is attached to the screw and is pressed down by it. This system ensures that the wire guard is not deformed during installation and guarantees a long-lasting connection.

Torque forces that occur when tightening the screw are not transferred to the soldered joint.
In addition, the conductor is only clamped without being deformed.

Compared to standard PCB terminal blocks with a lift system, the custom-made product also stands out with its comparatively small dimensions.

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