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Screwless connection



The plug connector 122-F-111 series with screwless terminals and a pitch of 7,5 mm complements our “CONECTA”-Series. The large pitch allows connecting higher rated voltages under tough industrial conditions. The rated cross-section of 2,5 mm² is geared towards screw-connector variants. This plug connector can be used with single-core copper conductors and fine-stranded wires (2,5 mm²), but also with pin cable sockets or crimped ferrules. For crimped ferrules, the cross-section must be reduced accordingly. All other rated data is identical with the screw-connector variants. Test ports for ø 2 mm or ø 2,3 mm test plugs or for spring test pins are accessible from the top of the clamp. The plug connector consists of individual poles and can be manufactured to any required pole configuration at our factory. For each pole the plug connector has one trapezoidal coding groove in which the coding elements 120-K can be inserted. Interlocking plug connector with the pin strip results in optimum vibration resistance. The plug connector can be operated by either a standard 3 mm blade screwdriver, terminal pliers or the built-in pusher, see 122-F-211.


Pitch: 7.50 mm

No. of poles: 2 - 12

Usable with: plugs with 122-M series


Clamping Range:

solid / flexible / AWG
0.2 - 4 mm² / 0.2 - 2.5 mm² / 24 - 12 AWG

Rated cross section: 2.5 mm²

Wire stripping length: 8.5 mm ± 0.5 mm

Over Voltage Category


Pollution Severity Level


Rated Voltage

320 V

Rated Impulse Voltage

2.5 kV

Rated current: 12 A

Rated insulation voltage: 250 V acc. to EN 60998-1

Download PDF


122-F-111.JPG - technical drawing 1


Moulding: PA, grey, V-0

Comparative tracking index: CTI ≥ 600

Insulating group: I

Temperature range: -40°C up to 100°C

Spring: Copper alloy, tin plated

Pressure clamp: Copper alloy, tin plated

Contact spring: Stainless steel


  • Consecutive numbering
  • Special marking according to drawing
  • Self-adhesive marking strip BST-7,50
  • Coding elements 120-K
  • Terminal pliers 120-F
  • Connectors equipped with coding elements on request
  • Higher number of poles


Poles Items Part # Length L [mm] Step 3D PDF
02 122-F-111/02 12.808.922 13.50
03 122-F-111/03 13.808.922 21.00
04 122-F-111/04 14.808.922 28.50
05 122-F-111/05 15.808.922 36.00
06 122-F-111/06 16.808.922 43.50
07 122-F-111/07 17.808.922 51.00
08 122-F-111/08 18.808.922 58.50
09 122-F-111/09 19.808.922 66.00
10 122-F-111/10 20.808.922 73.50
11 122-F-111/11 21.808.922 81.00
12 122-F-111/12 22.808.922 88.50

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