404-4.8 /-YBS

Insulated Tab Terminal Strip



Tab/solder connector blocks are used mainly as connectors, terminals or as a grouping point in electrical equipment and motor vehicle construction. These connector blocks are available with B 2,8; 4,8 or 6,3 tab connectors in various sizes, pole numbers and variants to suit a variety of applications. We can supply tab connector blocks with two-sided push-on termination, as solder tab connectors and tab connector guide. In various types, the crimping points of the receptacles are covered. For the remaining blocks, insulation of the crimping and solder points can take place with our ISO insulating sleeves if required. Tab receptacles according to DIN 46 247 can be supplied assembled.


Pitch: 12.10 mm

No. of poles: 1 - 12

Additional information: In this model the tab receptacles are covered and fully insulated. It is thus possible to stack the strips without the need for an intermediate insulating layer. The connectors meet for the most part DIN 72586-C50.


Clamping Range:

solid / flexible / AWG
2.5 mm²

Rated current: 16 A see DIN 46 249

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404-4.8.JPG - technical drawing 1


Moulding: Transparent plasticised PVC

Comparative tracking index: CTI ≥ 400

Temperature range: Short-time approx. 80°C, continuous approx. 70°C

Tab: Nickle plated brass


  • CN: Consecutive Numbering
  • SM: Special Marking (please provide sketch) 
  • G05: Gold Plating (5 micro inches) 
  • G30: Gold Plating (30 micro inches) 
  • S30: Silver Plating (30 micro inches) 
  • Other tab connectors variants available upon request, e.g. for the transition from 4.8 to 6.3
  • Flat connector type -6.3
  • Flat connector type -YBS


Poles Items Part # Items Part # Length L [mm] Step 3D PDF

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