Tailored Solutions: Solder pin length

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Multiple connection solutions with solder pins: We use a universal process to create optimal and sustainable connections between the terminal body and solder pin.

PCB terminal connectors have been used in electronic circuits since the invention of the PCB and have become indispensable despite miniaturization. The solder pins are an important element in conventional PCB terminals. Without them, a connection would not be possible. Solder pins usually have a predefined length.

But we can do more.
We produce PCB terminal connectors with extra-long, angled or even double solder pins on customer request. Using our in-house production, we can attach the pins to any straight or angled surface of the terminal body.

This is particularly important for products that are used in heating technology, for example. These are often placed at points where a greater distance or even an angle of the clamp is required.

And this is where we shine with our wide range of possibilities!
WECO can provide orthogonal solutions and solder pins bent at almost any angle. We can also create welded solder pins with a length of 4.1 mm up to 100 mm.

We can also attach double solder pins, which, among other things, enable a higher torque for connecting the conductor. This also offers maximum safety during subsequent end-user assembly.

New technologies mean that ever more sophisticated variations of the conventional PCB terminal are being used today. As a specialist in the field of connection technology, we use our special processes to create customized and durable connections between the terminal body and the solder pin.

“Thanks to innovative technologies, we can even produce extra-long, angled or offset solder pins for our customers,” explains Detlef Fritsch, Managing Director of WECO Contact GmbH in Germany.

Customized solution by WECO

Custom-made products with lengths of up to 100 mm are no problem for us. Such products are perfect for projects where a greater distance between the screw connection and the PCB is required.

By using long solder pins and appropriately designed housings, offset positions can also be realized. With our flexible production, we can make almost any position of the solder pin possible. Even off-center welding points are no problem for us.

Of course, double solder pins also guarantee higher pull-off forces.

But as an additional feature, they can also be used as a ” Poka-Yoke” system to ensure correct positioning on the PCB.
For example, the correct positioning of PCB terminal blocks on the PCB is 100% guaranteed if, for example, the first pole or the last pole is fitted with a double solder pin.
This not only results in a more stable soldered connection, but also makes assembly even more error and reject-free with this simple solution.

And who says that a solder pin always has to be straight?

Connection solutions with angled solder pins are often required when there is little space at the edge of the PCB. In this case, the solder pins can run either in a direct line behind or parallel to the edge of the PCB.
We have a number of products in our portfolio where an angled solder pin is already used. There are also a number of customer designs where an angled solder pin was the main reason why customers chose us.

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