322-D-SV (-DS)

Plug-In Terminal Strip

Screw connection, enlarged clamping area



The 322-D-SV is based on our established plug-in terminal strip 322-SV. The clamping space is enlarged for 2x2,5 mm² solid wire without wire protector or 2x1,5 mm² with wire protector. Therefore, this version is most suitable when connections of two wires per pole are required. With the exception of the clamping system, the measurements conform to the standard design. The screws have a slotted, as well as a cross slot (plus-minus screw) In combination with the plug-in terminal strip 323-FB, this connector provides the contact pressure via a stainless steel spring which ensures good electrical contact. Plug-in direction is parallel to each other. The wire protector of the “DS”-version reliably prevents damage to multi-wire flexible conductors by the turning screw. These terminals strips can be screw-mounted on a substrate.


Pitch: 10.00 mm

No. of poles: 2 - 12

Usable with: 323-FB(-HDS)

Application: Power supply units


Clamping Range:

solid / flexible / AWG

without wire protector

1 - 2x2.5 mm² / 1 - 2x1.5 mm² / 2x16 AWG

with wire protector:

0.75 - 2x1.5 mm² / 0.75 - 2x1.5 mm² / 2x16 AWG

Rated cross section: 2 x 2.5 mm²

Wire stripping length: 7 mm ± 0.5 mm

Over Voltage Category




Pollution Severity Level




Rated Voltage

500 V (160V)

630 V (160V)

1000 V (320V)

Rated Impulse Voltage

6 kV (2.5 kV)

6 kV (2.5 kV)

6 kV (2.5 kV)

Rated current: 16 A. with ambient temperature up to 30°C

Rated insulation voltage: 750 V acc. to EN 60998-1 [1]

Torque: 0.5 Nm

Other specifications: Rated values apply to use in combination with 323-FB(-HDS). Values in parentheses apply to use without insulated substrates.

Download PDF


322-D-SV.JPG - technical drawing 1


Moulding: PA, natural, V-2

Comparative tracking index: CTI ≥ 600

Insulating group: I

Temperature range: -40°C up to 100°C

Terminal body: Tin plated brass

Screw: M3; zinc plated steel, blue passivated

Wire protector: Tin plated tin bronze


  • Marking options on and between the screw guides
  • Special marking according to drawing
  • Jumper 323-J
  • G30: Gold Plating (30 micro inches) 



Poles Items Part # Items Part # Length L [mm] Step 3D PDF
02 322-D-SV/02 12.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/02 32.821.036 16.50
03 322-D-SV/03 13.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/03 33.821.036 26.50
04 322-D-SV/04 14.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/04 34.821.036 36.50
05 322-D-SV/05 15.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/05 35.821.036 46.50
06 322-D-SV/06 16.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/06 36.821.036 56.50
08 322-D-SV/08 18.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/08 38.821.036 76.50
10 322-D-SV/10 20.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/10 40.821.036 96.50
12 322-D-SV/12 22.821.036 322-D-SV-DS/12 42.821.036 116.50

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