The 2-pin double terminal strips 360-K-M and 360-K-MU consist of a ceramic socket with double-shell terminals. These are screwed on from below and are cast on the bottom side for insulation and mechanical security. With the base, the mantle terminals have excellent insulation and temperature properties. Due to the double design, the mantle terminals offer the possibility of connecting incoming and outgoing lines independently of each other. They are the large version of the 339-K-M series and are suitable for larger conductors and significantly higher currents. The mantle clamp of type MD is built into the double terminal strip 360-K-M, i.e. the upper parts are designed with a round, fixed pressure piece. It is therefore preferable to use it for rigid conductors. On the other hand, the MUD-type mantle terminal is mounted on the 360-K-MU double terminal strip. Here the pressure piece is rotatably mounted in the upper part, which reliably prevents damage to the conductor when connecting. This version is therefore particularly suitable for flexible conductors. To fasten the terminal strips in the application, they have two screw holes that are located in the middle between the two double-shell terminals.


No. of poles: 2


Clamping Range:

solid / flexible / AWG
2.5 - 16 mm² / 2.5 - 6 mm² / 14 - 10 AWG [1][2]

Rated cross section: 6 mm²

Wire stripping length: 12 mm ± 1 mm

Rated current: 41 A

Rated insulation voltage: 750 V acc. to EN 60998-1

Torque: 3.5 Nm

Other specifications: Terminal strips must not be strung together without considering the clearance and creepage distances. Rated values apply to use in combination with insulated substrates.

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360-K-M.JPG - technical drawing 1


Comparative tracking index: CTI ≥ 600

Temperature range: -40°C up to 250°C (Potting compound 120°C)

Screw: M3,5; Zinc plated steel

Mantle Terminal: Nickel plated brass

Spring Washer: Stainless steel


  • Double terminals with upper parts DF (with reversing lock)


Poles Items Part # Length L [mm] Step 3D PDF

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